6 reasons why Opera should be your default browser

I am a big fan of Opera browser. I have been using it since before I got an internet Opera_Logoconnection at home. Back at those times I used it to test me HTML and JavaScript codes. Today I often encounter websites that do not function properly in Opera and work quite well in other browsers. Yet I have never even thought of switching to any other browsers. Yes, I do use other browsers many a times, but Opera remains my default. Yesterday I was reading a survey which had reported that Opera’s share in the browser market is less than 3%. So I thought why not share my feelings about Opera with a few people through my blog. Trust me, you’d want to try the browser too after you read this.

  1. It’s got all the features: Opera got extension support in version 11, it never had an API. Yet I wanted an API only for one addon, LastPass. I never missed any other feature in Opera, neither did I install any other addon. Later I did find a text-box autocomplete addon which I liked, but I never missed this feature. In fact, whenever I installed Firefox, I looked for addons which would make it look and feel like Opera. So what are these features I am talking about? Notes, sidebar, bitTorrent support, bookmarks & notes synchronization, speed dial, custom search engines to name a few.
  2. Most customizable interface: Opera has got the most customizable interface of all browsers. You can customize the mouse gestures easily. You can have 2 commands in the same gesture like Open and close sidebar, so it will act according to the current status of the sidebar, this feature is not present in any other browser, with or without addons. Creating new gestures or keyboard shortcuts is a breeze and you don’t even need to do any coding. You can place any toolbar button on any toolbar, even a bookmark on the statusbar! You can place buttons on the statusbar, tabbar, sidebar etc. If a button refuses to be placed, just hold shift to place it there.
  3. Email Client and Feed reader: It has got built in email client and feed reader, so you don’t need to open other application to check your mail or feed. Plus they integrate so well with the interface that you need just a couple of clicks to access them. They are easily configured and easy to use.
  4. Smooth interface: Although I make Firefox mimic Opera’s features with the help of addons, it never feels as smooth as Opera. Since all addons come separately, they only integrate with Firefox, not with each other. So, for instance, you can open a bookmark in the All in One Sidebar, but it will never show as a button. Plus, mouse gestures do not work as smoothly in any other browser, no matter where the gesture starts or where it ends, it will work, on any tab.
  5. On the fly webpage modification: This might not seem to be a very useful feature, but it is fun. Plus it is unique to Opera; no other browser allows you to do this. You can open the source of any webpage, make changes and hit apply changes. The changes will show up in the original webpage (the modification will take place only on your PC, not the source page on the server).
  6. Comes on all platforms: In the past couple of years, computing devices have emerged in a lot of shapes, sizes and forms. So while one may be using a Windows PC, someone else may be using Linux. Some may be using Android, some Symbian, some iPhone, some blackberry and what not. Again the same person may have Windows on his PC and Mac OS X on his laptop. But on each of these devices, you could be using Opera. Not only will that keep the experience similar by providing similar interface, you could also have your bookmarks and speed dial synchronized across all these devices. That’s something only Opera can offer you.

So, enough of my chatter about Opera, if you still don’t feel like trying it, nothing will convince you to. So, go ahead and download it right now. Try all the features and tell me if didn’t feel like you had missed something by not using this browser. New versions keep coming, mostly one every year, or so. Even though it has the highest number of features compared to any other browser, new versions always bring in new features. Version 11.5, now in alpha, is about to bring extensions for Speed Dial. I am waiting with bated breath for what people can do with it.

If you try Opera and like it, don’t forget to leave a comment.

If you are an Opera fan like me, share this post with your arrogant friends to let them know of the benefits of using Opera.

P.S.: I am in no way trying to offend the users or developers of Firefox, it is a great browser and has remained my second most preferred browser after Opera for a long time

Update: Opera Logo changed on suggestion from an Opera India

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A 22 year old commerce graduate from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. I am tech enthusiast and have been following the technology world closely since 15 years of age. Though I do not have a formal computer education, my long term interest in computers has helped me learn a lot myself. You can follow me on Twitter View all posts by Gourav

11 responses to “6 reasons why Opera should be your default browser

  • web

    i like how it comes with so much features and it feels so lightweight. heck, other browsers stripped feel more bloated than opera

  • Karan

    1 more reason why i am a diehard fan of opera is because of Opera Turbo. The best thing is, it not only compresses your page but also makes you accessible to some pages where it says “the content is not available in your country”
    Just activate Opera Turbo and see the magic happen. :D

  • Gourav

    Yes, opera unite is also a great feature that is also unique. Unfortunately, I don’t have many savvy friends, so I don’t use it much, that’s why I forgot to mention it

  • Aleksey

    You forgot about Opera Unite – powerful interface for proxy on-line connect from to other computers.
    You can easily open your site (static html and dynamic such php).
    You can write on friends Fridge.
    You can start ‘File Inbox’ for friends, and they can upload filem on your computer, if you send password of course)
    Media Player and other big features.

  • Matthias

    I can’t use Opera for development work stuff because, well, none of our customers do, and none of their visitors do. But I use Opera for all my private browsing :-).

  • a browser

    Sites behaving strangely in Opera are usually the problem of the site, so, Opera is a natural born tool to see which developers left sluggish bits.

    I love Opera for ages because it works(!!!), it’s handy, it’s smart, looks great and my god it’s fast!

    • Gourav

      Yes, correct. Opera is the most standard compliant browser, so if sites don’t render properly, that means it’s either browser sniffing or bad code

  • Vijay

    I *rarely* find sites that don’t work in Opera these days. I think that’s largely a thing of the past. The only one I can think of is Starbucks, and that seems to be because they declare their page strict XHTML when it ain’t.

    I, too, use Opera nearly exclusively, and I have since v3.x. There’ve been some rough spots, especially on the Mac and *nix sides, but v11 seems to be quite nice; it’s smooth feeling with great standards support, unsurpassed integrated flexibility, and *speed*!

    (An aside, check your logo: that’s the old one!)

  • Elzapp

    Point number 5 is just wrong. Chrome, Chromium and Internet Explorer supports this out of the box. Firefox lets you do this with the Firebug extension

    • Alternatiwe

      You can edit with other browsers, but you can edit web page’s source and reload with Opera. That is what you can’t with other browsers. Investigator plugins such as firebug can modify on the fly DOM elements and CSS rules, etc. but can’t edit the source of the page.

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